Beginner's Guide to Low Carb Recipes

I started practicing a low carb lifestyle several years before my recent LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults) diagnosis. Over the years I fell in love with experimenting with recipes and trying new low carb products. After my diabetes diagnosis, I modified my recipes to be more diabetic friendly and lowered my HbA1C (test that measures average blood sugar over the course of 3 months) level by 55% in 6 months.  


I'd encourage everyone to embrace cooking as a hobby--part of a healthy lifestyle (along with exercise, of course). If there's an ingredient that you don't care for in the ebook, omit it or substitute it with something that you do like-- make it with your own twist! My Beginner's Guide to Low Carb Recipes is a starting point to give you basic and filling, low-carb meals. Cooking is a form of ephemeral art-- enjoy it and have fun!

Beginner's Guide to Low Carb Recipes


  • Grocery shopping list and pantry staples

  • 20 beginner's recipes and plant-based options